25 March, 2015

Going blue with La Riché Directions!

Yeeeeeeeeeeeees!!! I'm back to blue since December (lazy ass to update as always) thanks to La Riché Directions #LagoonBlue
I used to have a colorful rainbow hair around summer 2007 and changed it for a bright blue a few months later (ignore the bad quality, pics were taken too many years ago xD)

Rainbow hair along with dreadlocks

With friends, hanging out with Kesar.org users (those times u.u)

Ok ok, enough from remembering the past!
I chosen to buy #LagoonBlue semi-permanent hair dye at this site (spanish) cos it was way more cheaper. International shipping costs are AWFUL right now...
I bought 2 of them cos I haver medium-large hair and they come in tiny packs (>_<)

I mixed it with hair conditioner to give it a lighter tone (scared cos it seemed too dark inside the bottle) and give it some highlights.

Right after the first apply (^_^)

I'm gonna share some DO & DON'Ts since so many people are afraid of fantasy hair dyes or doesn't know how to properly get an intense color at the first try!

  • Do bleach ur hair first for an intense color/absorption.
  • Do use an acid PH shampoo or a toner one before apply fantasy hair dyes. 
  • Do wear rubber or plastic gloves when applying the hair colour (unless u wanna turn a smurf).
  • Do use vaseline, petroleum jelly, body lotion or baby oil around the hairline to avoid staining of the forehead, neck & ears.
  • As with all hair colours, do a swatch test first.
  • Do carry out a skin sensitivity patch test on a discrete area of skin (behind the ear is popular), at least 48 hours prior to application. If in this period you notice any side effects such as swelling, itching or redness etc then do NOT continue to use the product.
  • Do use a plastic cap for a better result.
  • Do dry ur hair without any heat.
  • Do use serum to repair damaged hair.
  • Do wash ur hair with cold water (or not too hot).
  • Do mix the product with white hair conditioner for pastel tones or lighter ones.

  • Do not mix Directions with peroxide.
  • Do not use on eyelashes.
  • Do not use shampoo with conditioner included.
  • Do not use heat!! Avoid hair dryers and straighten products.
  • Do not wash ur hair with hot water (or try to use it the less and always use cold water for the final washing routine).
  • Do not wash ur hair everyday, try to do it only twice per week, this way the color wouldn't fade too soon and you wouldn't damage your hair.
  • Do not use shampoo or any other hair products containing panthenol, parabens or silicone (this stuff will make ur hair "bleed" while washing it /bye bye color).

After a light deco/bleach. This is the best tone to get an intense color (as u can see isn't too damaged cos I always do it by myself after too many years of self-practice lol)

The colour tone will be determined by both the natural colour of the hair to which it is applied, and the actual condition of the hair:

  • NATURAL HAIR: slight color absorption giving a soft colour tone (say bye to the color in a couple of washings, this is why a lot of people fail with fantasy colors, cos they don't know u must bleach it first for a high absorption).
  • DYED, POROUS OR BLEACHED HAIR: hair already coloured or porous one, the colour absorption will be average, average intensity. BEST CHOICE! (cos even if u're light blonde, as me, if u don't bleach it, the color will fade in a couple of days washing ur hair)

Of course, even if u follow all this steps, the color will fade cos they're semi-permanent ones.
For me, it started to fade 3 weeks later~ From Lagoon Blue to turquoise, light bubble blue to grey-blueish one.

Now the tricky step is how to maintain it after the first dye!
I waited til the color almost faded it all, but u don't have to wait that long xD. So, after 3 weeks, it was the time to dye it again or... use a color hair mask, this is the easiest way to maintain the color lol.
I bought the blue tone from Nirvel (nutre color) at a shop @ my city selling hair salon professional products (^_^)

Nirvel Colour & Nourishment
Revolutionary new hair colour that nourishes and adds shine instantly, it also protects the hair from external aggressions and contains Sun Protection Factor (SPF)
The perfect care for the colour of your hair between hair tinting. The colour of your hair will instantly be Bright and shiny. It will never fade and will always look fresh. It also helps highlighting the colours used in colouring your hair, improved results when used repeatedly.

Don't mind the lighter tone on the pic, it's obviously digital photoshopped xD

This is how it really looks, directions & chemical products used in

How does it look like inside the bottle (regretted not using gloves for this pic!)

Just apply it on ur wet hair, right after washing ur hair (please use gloves xD) and let it be for 20-30 mins for a long lasting coverage/absorption. Rinse with warm water (don't use shampoo, this is a hair mask) and let it natural dry.

Wet hair, this is how intense it will be if u follow my personal steps :3

Once dried plus turquoise hair extensions! 

The first time Directions faded, I ended having weird and different color tones all over my hair. When u start washing ur hair after the first hair mask treatment, it will fade maintaining the same tone all over ur hair, plus it fades way too little. I only used it 2 times in 4 months! 

Dyed it once with Directions on 24th December-> Hair color mask around mid January -> Another hair mask apply one month later.

Now it's time to, instead of use the hair mask again, bleach my blonde roots and apply Directions dye on them. Last time I already had blonde roots, but the mask didn't give them a blue tone... they turned greenish cos it's virgin hair (not bleached) xD

Pic from the end of February and the color is still the same!

Early March... u can see the greenish roots lol

Pic from 2 weeks ago when the color started to fade

 My hair looks like this right now. I kinda like the color, but the blonde roots are the problem (>_<)"

Were my tips and steps helpful for u? Wish u luck on ur next fantasy color hair dye process <3

08 February, 2015

Tarta arcoiris receta!

(foto de mi Instagram)

I'm so sorry! But this recipe is in spanish only cos idk where non spanish people can buy some stuff I used on it. I'm sure u'll be able to find it in english elsewhere :P

La tarta de arcoíris puedes hacerla con los pisos que quieras, yo he usado 5 y necesitarás al menos 2 moldes de 15 cm de diámetro.

INGREDIENTES (para 6 personas)

Para el bizcocho:
  • 300 ml de aceite
  • 300 gr de azúcar
  • 6 huevos
  • 300 gr de harina para repostería
  • 1 sobre de levadura royal
  • 2 cucharaditas de aroma de vainilla
  • Colorantes en pasta/gel rojo, azul, verde y amarillo

Comienza batiendo el aceite con el azúcar y los huevos, hasta que estén bien integrados.
Incorpora la harina y la levadura a la mezcla anterior. Por último, añade el aroma de vainilla y mezcla hasta que la masa sea homogénea.

A continuación reparte la masa equitativamente entre 5 boles y tiñe cada uno de ellos de un color con un poco de colorante.

Precalienta el horno a 180°.

Engrasa y enharina los moldes (yo usé los desechables del Mercadona) y reparte la masa de bizcocho en cada uno de ellos.
Hornea cada bizcocho a 180° durante 10 minutos o hasta que los bordes del bizcocho se separen ligeramente del molde (al introducir un palillo tiene que salir limpio).
Desmolda tus bizcochos cuando el molde esté templado al tacto y deja que enfríen por completo (yo los dejé reposar en la nevera 15min).

Para el relleno:
  • 300 gr de mantequilla sin sal a temperatura ambiente
  • 250 gr de azúcar glas
  • 300 gr de queso Philadelphia

Para la decoración:
  • 1 bote de Vanilla Icing (Mercadona)
  • 2 cajas de Rosas Azucaradas
  • 1 bote de Perlas Azules
  • 1 bote de Sprinkles de colores
  • Colorante en pasta/gel azul

Tamiza el azúcar glas y bátelo con la mantequilla sin sal a velocidad máxima hasta que se integre.
Una vez que la mezcla es color crema y esponjosa añade el queso Philadelphia y bate unos 2 minutos más a máxima velocidad.
Tiñe de color azul el icing de vainilla.

Monta la tarta arcoíris:
Rellena con una capa de la crema entre cada piso de bizcocho.
Monta cada bizcocho sobre el anterior y cuando tengas todos colocados, unta una capa fina de crema por toda la tarta y refrigera durante 20 minutos.

Para finalizar, unta una capa gruesa del icing de vainilla azul por toda la tarta y decórala con las rosas, las perlitas y unos cuantos sprinkles en el centro.

Era el 30 cumpleaños de mi príncipe azul y quise regalarle una tarta de "princesa Disney" xD
30 velitas azules muy difíciles de encender y el princeso todo emocionado lol

Era mi primera tarta, ya había cocinado algún que otro cupcake o postre pero me daba un miedo terrible que me saliera mal jajajaja, menos mal que quedó bastante decente!

Nos leemos! Espero que os haya gustado la receta tanto como a Kershaw ^_^

Elk logo

Fell in love with elks while playing Archeage so... I wanted to include my very own logo design at the game. Here's a screen, I created 2 different logos :3

Me enamoré de los alces mientras jugaba al Archeage, así que... Decidí incluir mi propio diseño en el juego. Aquí va una captura de pantalla, hice 2 logos diferentes :3

(clipper sails) (velas del barco)

Don't forget to check out my portfolio for more like this~
No os olvidéis de pasaros por mi portafolio para ver más cosillas como ésta~