05 June, 2013

Sona and nothing important

Hey... how long, yeah (-_-)
On my previous post I let u know about me being sick and such, but why didn't I update til now?

I left my place to travel to Rainbowland and well... My mood and body weren't cooperating too much to pass by here (T_T)

I'm not gonna talk about anything in particular, just random stuff and GO BLESS MY NEW KITTY OK.


She likes to sleep with one eye open.

She's "Sona" (yeah, Sona Buvelle from League of Legends) and her mommy is Misae (russian blue) while her daddy is a random tabby~
We doubted among: Bunny, Asuka, Rikku, Mikku and Sona.
Why Sona? Cos, as the lol champ, she's always making sounds, indeed she lost her voice (temporarily!) cos of too much meowing LMAO !!
She's quite calm right now, sleeping next to my head, licking my nose, begging for food and playing like a psycho. I already love her... let's see what Luna thinks about her OTL

Luna being Luna

I can't SRSLY.

OOTD (black day)

Those are clip 50cm long remy hair extensions btw~

Does someone know this guy? He must be a hit sooner or later.

When on a trip, EAT ALL THE FOOD.

Non makeup face attacks again to annoy u, human.

I'll be back home by Monday night or so... and will upd with more korean stuff, cya later unicorns! (^_^)


  1. pero pero pero...... COMO TE VISTES TAN BIEN?! desgraciada /odio

    p.s: Sona <3333

    1. Se me hizo muy raro vestirme toda de negro, ya no estoy acostumbrada xD
      Jo, tendrías que conocerla, es un amor, sobre todo cuando se pasa las 24h mordiéndote :D


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